Our Philosophy

We invest for our clients just like we would for ourselves and our family members. And this isn’t just our philosophy—it’s our reality. We have some of our assets—and the assets of some of our family members—invested alongside the assets of our clients. This creates an intimate level of accountability in everything we do, and it gives our clients the confidence that we’re treating their money like we would our own family’s.


Core Investment Philosophy

We have evolved and fine-tuned our strategy over multiple decades of investment decision-making. This means we’ve seen various market cycles of expansion and contraction, with corresponding bulls and bears, and we have been able to nurture our successes while learning from our mistakes—investment qualities only attained through years of experience.

We firmly believe that over the long-term, it is best to invest in market-leading, innovative companies. Our experience informs us that these are the companies that not only post exceptional results, but that also consistently set high expectations for future growth. We believe that when a company sets high expectations and proceeds to exceed them, strong stock performance typically follows.

Analyzing individual stocks is at the crux of our approach to investing. At the end of the day, we strive to assemble portfolios that are invested in quality companies well-positioned to surprise Wall St. and the world with their innovations, rapid market penetration, and growth.

Strategy and Approach

The goal of each WestEnd product is to significantly outperform all comparable benchmarks --- while simultaneously generating high absolute returns over the long-term.  Each product is designed to address a client’s specific investment objectives with regards to desired growth and risk—meaning we can customize our approach to fit your needs.

In general, we strive to generate aggressive growth of capital through ownership of companies with high growth rates and the demonstrated ability to exceed expectations, while also positioning in companies we expect to grow “steadily and sturdily.” The latter type of company has generally been around longer and has a bigger market capitalization, with our ownership designed to reduce volatility and lower overall portfolio risk.

Finally, because we place such a high value on a company’s ability to exceed growth expectations, we are constantly scrutinizing each position in the portfolio to ensure it is on track. We will not hesitate to remove a position from the portfolio if we sense it will struggle to exceed the market’s expectations.