Your Money Deserves Better


We're In It Together

WestEnd Capital Management, LLC (WCM) is an independent asset management company based in San Francisco, CA. Our primary goal is simply to deliver investment returns that outperform the market over time.


We Work For You

We’re not a commission-based brokerage. We don’t earn fees by encouraging frenetic buying and selling. In fact, we charge only a small 1.5% management fee, plus minimal transaction charges.

Our Commitment to You

More importantly, we don’t simply invest for our clients, we invest with our clients. We have a portion of our own assets—and the assets of some of our family members—under management alongside those of our clients. We’re in this together.

Let's Get Started

Your money deserves better. Explore our site to learn more, then give us a call to discuss if investing with WestEnd is right for you. Because when it comes to growing and managing wealth, we’re in it together.