Investing With Us


We’re committed to letting you know exactly what you can expect from a partnership with WestEnd Capital Management at every step of the way. Here we outline the basic services available to every client, along with a look at our portfolio of products. Call us when you are ready to begin, or to schedule a consultation with our partners.


Client Service

Every client's interactions with their money manager should be easy, convenient, and educational --- which is exactly why those are the three pillars for client service at WestEnd.  We enjoy hearing from our clients and encourage them to reach out, whether by phone, email, or in-person. We are available for in-person meetings and—in what we believe is unique to our industry—we invite all clients to participate in weekly portfolio review conference calls.

We also compose a “Global Economic and Market Review” each quarter, which details our thoughts on the markets for the previous three months and offers portfolio strategy insights for our clients to stay up-to-speed.

Finally, for clients with accounts held at Charles Schwab, portfolio reviews are available online at any time, and we provide quarterly or monthly performance reports depending on your individual portfolio product allocation.

Investment Products

We offer separately managed accounts, which may be allocated to three different portfolios:  Core Growth Equity, Equity Income, and Aggressive Growth.

Our Core Growth Equity Portfolio invests in a diverse group of 30-40 common stocks. The primary objective is long-term capital appreciation—producing returns exceeding those of broad equity benchmarks over time. The portfolio seeks to do so with similar or less overall risk than its benchmark equity index.

Our Equity Income Portfolio invests in 25-30 securities primarily for current income, with a secondary objective of capital appreciation. The portfolio is invested in common stocks, preferred stocks, REIT’s, MLP’s, and similar income-generating instruments.


WestEnd also manages an investment partnership (hedge fund).  For more information on this product or any of the others mentioned above, please contact us directly.